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The Designated Beneficiary?

It is frustrating to hear the life insurance company may not pay you because of a beneficiary designation challenge or dispute. The worst thing you can do is ignore any contest and hope it goes away. The insurance company has a legal right to file an interpleader lawsuit to let a court decide the proper beneficiary.  Sometimes, an experienced attorney can help resolve a challenge before the interpleader.  Other times, a legal battle is necessary.  We evaluate the merits of a challenge and help you navigate the pitfalls of litigation. Our experience in both defending and challenging designations is complimented by our understanding of the litigation process. Litigation is stressful, but an empathetic and guiding counsel will help you through the turmoil. We offer various fee options, including a standard hourly arrangement or a contingency fee option where you owe no fees unless there is a recovery of benefits. 

Challenging a Designation

If you believe someone is wrongfully claiming benefits that should be yours, you must act immediately! It is critical to obtain advice from an experienced life insurance attorney early in the process to position to win.  A life insurance beneficiary designation can be challenged for a number of reasons. Perhaps the policy owner did not have the mental capacity to make or change a designation.  Perhaps the owner was subject to fraud or undue influence. In some states, a spouse may have rights to a portion of the policy benefits.    We will evaluate your claim to the life insurance benefits.  We offer various fee options, including a contingency fee option where you owe no fees unless there is a recovery of benefits.  We pride ourselves on communicating with our clients. We are experienced, aggressive, and dedicated to a great result. 

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